LogoAfter six years of struggling with a recalcitrant knee injury, I am finally experiencing relief thanks in large part to weekly sessions with Amy Bruckmeier. Pilates has enhanced my physical condition and body awareness in so many ways, and I couldn't be more grateful. ~ Noah Guynn

I came to Amy Bruckmeier after suffering a herniated disk which had caused me debilitating pain for many years, and after seeing what felt like an endless string of doctors and practitioners (none of whom provided any relief!) What struck me the most was how well Amy listens. She was the first practitioner who really helped me. It has been only 3 months and already I feel like a totally different person. ~ Carolyn F.

Pilates with Amy Bruckmeier has been life affirming! Under Amy's watchful eye, I have gained much strength and flexibility as well as confidence. Amy is as good as it gets. She knows how to respect the body and pays attention to detail to insure that results are positive - I feel like I am in constant forward progression! Love my sessions, working with Amy is extraordinary. - D. Nicholas

Without the expert help of Amy Bruckmeier, I could not have survived these last 2 years of rehabilitation, following a fall that seriously twisted my ankle, knee, and then hip! Initially, my chiropractor, Tom Hendrickson, of The Hendrickson Method and Clinic, prescribed 6 sessions of Pilates rehabilitation with Amy and I have continued voluntarily to this day. I was struck immediately by Amy’s astute ability to LISTEN with focus, care, and intelligence. As I’ve learned, recovering from complicated injuries can be scary, due to the chronic pain and unexpected flare-ups that can occur along the way. Amy was able to do for me what several other “good” Pilates instructors have never done – SHE LISTENED TO MY BODY’S WISDOM. It was through Amy’s careful listening to my body’s reactions to the various exercises, that the road to my recovery was designed. Amy became one of my greatest allies on my journey back to mobility. When you combine these unique listening skills with her broad experience and expertise, not only in Pilates, but in Rehabilitation and Kinesiology, plus her deep innate interest in the healing and strengthening of the body through movement, you could not find a better partner for recovery. On top of all those “gifts” for me, Amy continues to work and communicate closely with my chiropractor and massage therapists and has been able to collaborate with these professionals in order to create for me the programs that will most likely bring the desired results. Furthermore, she collaborates with a variety of body healing professionals throughout the Bay Area and elsewhere to keep up-to-date and on “the cutting edge” of the whole field of healing the body. Her studio is equipped with the latest inventions and is a delightful space in which to work. The icing-on-the-cake for working with Amy is her dry wit and sense of humor. She is warm, supportive, and great fun! You will feel respected by Amy whether you are old or young, an ordinary human being, an athlete, gymnast, dancer... or a 65-year-old former dancer who has gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of mobility following injuries. And you will reach your goals – whether they are to regain optimal mobility or attain competitive competence in sport or dance. - Polly B.

Shortly after I was released from Physical Therapy for my knee and shoulder injuries, I began taking Pilates from Amy Bruckmeier. She worked on strengthening those areas gradually and patiently by applying her Pilates technique and using the Pilates equipment. After a few months of training, I was able to get back to my favorite activity, dancing! - M.C.

Amy Bruckmeier is a great teacher who really listens to what you need and want. I went to see her for back pain and she was extremely careful, all the time, making sure that no exercises hurt me or made my condition worse. When I broke my foot, she showed similar concern to choose things that would not impair my healing. I like her kindness, professionalism, and humor. She know's what she's doing and I'm very picky about a good educator. - Ruth Rosen

I am 78 years old and started doing Pilates a year ago because of lower back pain due to an earlier diagnosed degenerative lumbar spine condition.  Four months of physical therapy sessions and continued follow-through for six months offered limited relief but since working with Amy Bruckmeier, my back pain has all but disappeared - some days I wonder if I'm really 78! My posture is certainly better and I seem to breathe more deeply and move more easily than I did before Pilates. Amy has worked with me on the exercises recommended by my physical therapist but in addition she has also created a personal home program which enables me to keep the Pilates going between sessions. When new exercises are introduced, the home program is updated. This is really helpful because it keeps the movements fresh and interesting.  I would recommend Pilates to anyone - regardless of age! - Ken B., Age 78

Why Amy Bruckmeier? A Testimonial to a Topnotch Teacher. When I was 12 years old my doctor gave me the reason for my scabby, creaky, knocked knees. I had juvenile arthritis which had no cure. However if I followed her "Motion is the lotion" as a lifestyle to offset the weakness, I'd survive fine enough. So for all of the decades I went about blithely building strength, stamina and flexibility in the gym or on the trail, I was also blindly building up physical imbalances. Approaching 60 I can say they have become more conspicuous. I was still not very determined to undo my lopsidedness until I attended Amy's Pilates mat class at the Albany YMCA. Wow! I met a topnotch teacher who is crystal clear in instruction, non-judgemental in attitude, offers simple explanation of benefits of each action, and uses levity to encourage students to perservere. You could be in a corner farthest away from Amy and still think she was talking personally and positively to you. Eventually I decided to see her privately at her Pilates studio where apparatus aplenty and her keen instruction make every minute of the workout a revelation about the body. I highly recommend her in any location.  Much of the benefits carried over to an 80-mile backpack trip in summer 2008, when for the first time in 40 years I was able to navigate narrow trails without knees knocking and lift a 30-pound pack with stability. I declare my inner legs are stronger, my lower back more pliant, and core willing to take on a larger share of work. When I'm able to do those darn roll-ups, I'm going to feel better than ever. ~ Bonnie Ng