Suzanne's style of teaching is both informed and relaxed. She has an extensive repertoire and is knowledgeable about the Wunda Chair and the Cadillac in addition to the Reformer. She spends time on making sure you use the correct form for each exercise and builds from there. Since Pilates is subtle and nuanced, I find her use of creative imagery very helpful in finding the core muscles to work on. - Sydney Gillett, Nurse

I took individual classes at the Pilates Studio for several months. I was nervous at first since most of the people I see taking Pilates are women. Amy Bruckmeier and Suzanne were a pleasure to work with. They have great experience which they share with their clients. They explain the exercises clearly, are good at helping you get to the correct form, and I found them very encouraging. I recommend them and the cute little studio on San Pablo Avenue to anyone who wants to improve his form, to learn new exercises or to gain tips for dealing with a problem.- Bob S., cyclist, runner, office worker

I love to work out with Suzanne because she is amazing at keeping the workouts varied and interesting. Suzanne is also excellent at fine tuning the movements, so you get the maximum benefit out of the workout. - Sol G.

Pilates tones me up, makes me more limber, and gives me more energy. Having an individual coach who is attuned to my evolving capabilities (and limitations) gives me confidence to advance in the practice and keeps me safe on the equipment. Suzanne is a gifted teacher. Her explanations are clear and concise, her demonstrations precise. And her enthusiasm for Pilates is contagious. - T.L., professor